We understand you’re looking for something more in your beer. That’s why at Olde Main Brewing Co. we craft fresh full-flavored brews for a discerning palate. Some are available all year long, while others make brief special appearances. All are different and all are delicious. Find the beers that are just right for you. Then order it at your bar of pick up a six-pack by finding the nearest Olde Main beer carrier. Cheers!

Year Round Brews


Dinkey Wheat® – Available in draft and bottles
Belgian Style Wheat Ale
Named for the train that used to run from downtown Ames to the ISU Campus, the Dinkey Wheat® has a flavor derived from coriander, chamomile, and orange peel, making for a unique drinking experience.






Long Face – Available in draft and bottles
Amber Ale
A horse walks into a bar and the bartender says, “Why the long face?” An all around easy drinking, tasty beverage with malt and notable caramel flavors balanced by several American hop varieties.




 Off KILTer – Available in draft and bottles
Scottish Ale
This traditional Scottish Ale has a subdued hop flavor and aroma with a high in malt flavor. Our brewmaster actually wears a kilt while brewing this ale to achieve maximum Scottish feel and tradition.





Clone – Available in draft and bottles
American Pale Ale
Simply a “Clone” of an American classic, this American Pale Ale is crisp and clean with a noteworthy hoppy bite. The subtle malt background balances out the refreshing ale.




Gryphonbrau – Available in draft only
Premium Lager
Germans brought lager beer to America in the 19th century. They brewed those early American lagers using a combination of local and traditional ingredients. In keeping with tradition we do the same. Local water and malted barley combine with traditional German hops and yeast means that Gryph is made the way that American lagers always should have been, with zero compromise on quality. It’s an easy drinker with a slight malt sweetness and light hop flavor and aroma. This refreshing beer has a crisp and clean finish.




Sodbuster – Available in draft and bottles
Stout Ale
Hearty ale with color and flavors derived from roast, chocolate, and caramel malts. This ale has a complex taste with a rich creamy mouthfeel. The pronounced hop presence balances the deep malt flavors





Red Monkey – Available in draft
Root Beer
Rich, creamy, and smooth with no caffeine. Red Monkey is sweetened with cane sugar, honey, and molasses. No monkeys are harmed in the process of root beer production.




Elkman (Mid Jan-Feb) – Available in draft
Milk Stout
The sweet character in this beer comes from lactose sugar added into the kettle and residual sugars left over after fermentation is complete.  Roasted grains with chocolate, caramel, and coffee flavors are the flagship tastes with the sweetness uniting these flavors together to give a full-bodied, creamy ale with a smooth finish.  This is a dark, deep, black colored ale with thick brown foam.

Lucky Shillelagh (Late Feb-March)  – Available in draft
Irish Red
We named this traditional Irish red ale after Irelands traditional beating stick, the shillelagh. A shillelagh is a stout knotty walking stick with a large knob on the top/business end. It was originally used thousands of years ago to “settle disputes” (read: give beatings). If one was lucky enough to win said dispute we imagine that they’d celebrate in a traditional manner, with a beer. A malty red ale to be specific, one with a deep auburn color and pronounced flavors of biscuit and toffee. Just like Lucky Shillelagh Irish Red.

Lemontyme (June-Early Sept)  – Available in draft
Lemon Ale
Our Lemon Tyme Lemonale has been a summer tradition for almost a decade. We make it with real lemons for a treat that’s light, sweet, and refreshing. Lemonale, much like its non-alcoholic counterpart lemonade, pairs well with anything under the sun. Literally, “under the sun,” because this brew represents summer at its finest. Any tyme is Lemon Tyme if the sun is shining. So, pair this beer with summer fun like; live music, sports, friends and rocking a killer farmer’s tan.

Der Festen (Mid Sept-Oct)  – Available in draft
The translation of “Der Festen” from German into English is “The Festen”. Our Oktoberfest is has a distinct dark deep copper color. The complex malty flavors are balanced with a mild hop flavor.  Our version finishes clean and crisp.  Enjoy this Autumn classic!

Horseman’s Revenge (Mid Oct-Nov) – Available in draft
Pumpkin Spice Ale
The Horseman rides again this fall just as he has done every year since ‘04. Pour the beer into a glass. The frothy pumpkin head of the Horseman is filled with sweet and spicy aromas of the season.  This is your chance to strike first! Slurp off the head to reveal the Horseman’s body, decapitated yet still full of life. A copper hue and rich pumpkin pie flavors make this fall seasonal a refreshing treat from October through November. Beware… the Horseman will have his Revenge!

This ale is brewed with 30 lbs of pumpkin per batch giving very subtle pumpkin undertones, complimented by prominent cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and ginger notes both in the nose and on the tongue. As one patron put it, “This is pumpkin pie in a glass!”

Reindeer Fuel (Dec-Mid Jan) – Available in draft
Chocolate Porter
One word: Chocoliciousness. Brewed with a healthy dose of chocolate malt, this ale is rich and smooth. Copious amounts of semi-sweet Bavarian chocolate are then tempered and added to this brew, infusing it with and even more intense chocolate aroma and flavor – perfect for dessert! (or breakfast, or lunch, or a snack…).

Brewpub Exclusives

These are the brewhouse creations that make specials appearances at the restaurant and pub in Ames.

CHOPPA!!! (March 2012)
Austrian Lager
Similar to a German Marzen, CHOPPA!!! is a copper colored elixir with a medium body and a clean dry finish. Lagered for 5 months in the Olde Main brewing catacombs; this refreshing beer will slake even the most tumultuous of thirsts.5.8% abv.

Guy on a Buffalo (January 2012)
Imperial Brown Ale
This big burly ale takes its named from the epic Youtube seriese entitled “Guy On A Buffalo“. “One day the guy on the buffalo was cruisin’ around through the plains. [He] seen a bear, and he thought to himself: ‘Oh man, I gotta get away from the bear! Hope he don’t cha–oh no, he’s gonna chase me! Oh no, I better just turn around and chase him back, because guess what? I’m on a buffalo!’” 7.5% abv.

Sticky Flapjack (November 2011)
Breakfast Ale
With butter-maple taste and pancake sweetness it finishes clean and delicious. The smell of fresh pancakes on the griddle only it’s in a glass. An easy drinking 5.8% abv.

Carl (May 2011)
Imperial Dry-Hopped Pilsner
Named after the man who brought modern day refrigeration techniques to Europe. Carl was aged at a cool temperature over a bed of hops.  With a sturdy white head this beer fills the nose with citrus, pine, and floral notes and has a clean refreshing finish. 8.5% abv

Black Mamba (April 2011)
Imperial Black Pilsner, Bourbon Wood-Aged
Aged over bourbon-soaked white oak, this delightfully refreshing beer is the perfect springtime treat. A slight oak in the nose gives way to a smooth, light-bodied pilsner with a slight bite from the bourbon and wood flavors. Beware of the Black Mamba. It is around 8.5% abv.

OA (November 2010)
Oaked Amber Ale
The Oaked Amber is a blend of a fresh batch of Long Face Amber Ale and a year old batch of Schwarzbier, double oaked in a used bourban cask and freshly charred white oak staves. It is a beautiful blend of rich deep flavors with fresh caramel effervescence.

Rye Pale (November 2010)
Rye Pale Ale
With a light body and crisp finish, the Rye Pale Ale is a thirst quencher. It’s balanced with a hop bitterness and subtle rye spice.

Double Down IPA (June 2010)
Double India Pale Ale
The Double Down IPA has the bite of a vampire and the heart of a werewolf. This doubly intense IPA will be an onslaught to your senses. It starts with an extreme hop nose derived from copious amount of hops with a 22 pound blend of Cascade, Amarillo, Simcoe, and Chinook. Double Down is an epic battle between caramel malt flavors and intense hop love. You don’t have to choose, you can love them both by taking a drink. This ale is 8.5% abv. Caution: this ale is doubly stronger than the average beer. Drink responsibly.

Rusty Crayfish (June 2010)
Rye Pale Ale
The rusty crayfish is an invasive species that proliferates very quickly. Do your part on population control by enjoying more than one of these 4.2% abv ales. With a light body and crisp finish this is a summer thirst quencher that’s balance with hop bitterness and subtle rye spice. This will please even the most dire summer thirst.

Dinkey Portwood (May 2010)
Dinkey Wheat® Aged in Portwood Barrels
Smell the sweet berry aromas and taste the secret. The popular Dinkey Wheat® is aged in portwood barrels for almost an entire year. Smooth you ask? You bet! The subtle sweetness of the port rounds out a very unique drinking experience. Wine drinkers and beer connoisseurs will relish the chance to enjoy this one-of-a-kind creation.

Hard Pressed (April 2010)
English-Style Cider
You will be Hard Pressed to find a better cider. This dry English-style cider (future logo pictured left) will not only refresh your thirst but will satisfy the ‘apple-a-day’ requirement.  With tart hints of Granny Smith apples and a subtle sweetness, Hard Pressed will satisfy the discriminating cider palate.

Bourban Betty (February 2010)
Bourban Black Lager
Do you remember the Dark Helmet Schwarzbier (AKA Black Lager)? Now, imagine the demented brewhouse staff placing a small portion into a used bourbon cask for aging. I know, I know, holy Tom Jones, Batman! You can leave your hat on while quaffing this delectably smooth lager. With hints of oak, bourbon, caramel, and coffee, this complex libation will satisfy your inner beer aficionado.

Sir Plus Ale (December 2009)
Pre-Prohibition Style Ale
Sir Plus Ale features locally grown raw rye and wheat, add some light base barley malt and a light colored, easy-drinking ale results. The hop aroma comes from a newly released hop called Celeia, a hybrid of an existing variety and a wild Slovenian hop plant. Sir Plus Ale has a light straw color and delightful hop aroma. The taste is very refreshing and light with a gentle smooth bitterness that dances across the palate. They rye and wheat add subtle dimensions to the flavor’s overall character.

Dark Helmet (October 2009)
The Dark Helmet is a delicious schwarzbier (black beer) that treats the drinker to an ultra-smooth, velvety lager that features chocolate and coffee notes.  Finishing very clean, this easy-drinking, moderately hopped black beer lends itself to session consumption… in other words, go ahead – have another.

Bourbon Aged Sodbuster (September 2009)
Bourbon Stout
Take 150 gallons of the Sodbuster Stout and let the good distillers of the southeast add their subtle nuances during barrel aging. The Sodbuster has been aged a year in a used bourbon American white oak cask. The aging adds subtle wood, vanilla, and bourbon flavors that blend well with the roast flavors found in our stout. Sip and enjoy!

Yub Nub (August 2009)
Vanilla Lager
The Yub Nub Vanilla Lager features delicious vanilla flavors to tantalize your taste buds while the smooth lager satisfies your thirst.

Barrel-aged Pilsner in Portwood Staves (July 2009)
Portwood Pilsner
Our premium American lager (Gryphonbrau) aged on port wine soaked white oak staves. Slight port wine notes are complemented by aromatic wood perfume in the nose.  The smooth drinking lager has a good portion of wood tannins in the flavor mellowed out by slight port sweentness and bitterness derived from noble German and Czech hops.

Robins Vanilla (June 2009)
Vanilla Lager
Spring is here and so is the brand new vanilla lager.  Aromatic vanilla cascades to your olfactory sense as you take your first sip of this smooth, delicate, golden ambrosia.  Crisp, clean, and refreshing flavors pour onto your palate, gently bombarding your taste buds with an overwhelming deliciousity.

Three Amigas (April 2009)
Cream Ale
This beer is named after the three girls that have stolen our hearts down in the brewery. Now, they are about to steal your taste buds. This ale is light and refreshing, just like the ladies it is named after. It is the perfect springtime refreshment. Light in body, full of deliciosity, the Three Amigas Cream Ale will break hearts while satisfying thirst.

What about B.O.B.? (January 2009)
Brewhouse Ordinary Bitter
Deep copper color with subtle malt undertone balance out with notable hoppiness and fruity esters.