We understand you’re looking for something more in your beer. That’s why at Olde Main Brewing Co. we craft fresh, full-flavored brews for a discerning pallet. Everyone has a different taste in beer, which is why we offer a full selection that is sure to satisfy casual drinkers and aficionados alike. 

Flagship Beers

Dinkey Wheat® –
Belgian Wit Beer
Named for the train that used to run from downtown Ames to the ISU Campus, the Dinkey Wheat® has a hint of coriander and orange peel, making for a refreshing and unique drinking experience.


Off KILTer –
Scottish Ale
This traditional Scottish Ale has a noble hop profile with a nutty, caramel-malt flavor. Although it is deep garnet-brown in color, this beer is sweet, not bitter and suitable for all beer lovers.


Clone –
American Pale Ale
A “Clone” of an American classic, this American Pale Ale is crisp and clean with a noteworthy hoppy bite. Chinook hops shine through in the aroma and flavor, balanced by toasted malt and biscuit flavors of this refreshing ale.


Gryphonbrau –
Premium Lager
This American take on a classic German lager is a delicious lighter beer. Brewed with all barley and Saaz hops, this beer packs much more flavor than its American ‘lite’ beer counterparts. A fantastic gateway from domestic beer into the world of craft brewing.


About Time IPA –
India Pale Ale
After nearly 13 years of not having an IPA on tap, we thought it was finally About Time to brew one. This Midwestern style IPA has considerably more malt forward body than its West/East Coast brethren. Floral hop aroma is subtle and nicely balanced with caramel undertones.


New Mill DIPA
Double IPA
This Double India Pale Ale has a distinct malt balance to the hops creating a beer that is ‘hoppy’ but not ‘bitter’. Generous amounts of hops added after boiling round out the hop experience without adding harshness or bitter flavor.  Don’t let its floral aroma and malt smoothness fool you; this deceptively smooth ale clocks in at over 9% ABV.


Sodbuster –
Hearty ale with color and flavors derived from roasted, chocolate, and caramel malts. This ale has a complex taste and a touch of oats for a rich, creamy mouthfeel.  Try pairing this one with desert!

Red Monkey –
Root Beer
Our non alcoholic Root Beer is brewed with real sugar, vanilla, honey, molasses and the finest root extracts for an authentic Root Beer flavor far beyond any commercial sodas.   The true taste of Root Beer that anyone can enjoy.  Try a Root Beer float!

Other Beers

At Olde Main Brewing Company we are always brewing interesting and unique beer to supplement our flagship options. Here are some of our most recent creations. Note: these beers are subject to frequent change.

Champ Le Main
Saisons originate from Northern France and Belgium. Often called ‘farmhouse ales’, these beers rely heavily on wild yeast to create their unique flavor. Champ Le Main has a subtle citrus flavor with black pepper and clove undertones for a unique and refreshing ale.

Tangrisnir Bock
German Bock
This dark lager has caramel and chocolate overtones and a subtle noble hop presence. Like the Scottish Ale, its color can easily fool you. This lager is very clean, mildly sweet, and very approachable for even picky beer drinkers.

Heartbreaker Cherry Wheat
Cherry Wheat Ale
Brewed with wheat and fermented with cherries and wit yeast, this ale is simply delicious. Strong cherry aroma gives way to a much more subtle cherry flavor that allows you to appreciate the wit characteristics of the beer.

The traditional German Lager that welcomes the beginning of October. Malty and sweet with subtle fruit esters and a clean finish.

1838 Cream Ale
Cream Ale
Named for the year Iowa joined the Union, 1838 is a light refreshing ale. Brewed with flaked corn for a more complex malt flavor. Fondly dubbed the quintessential ‘lawn-mower beer’.

Zitrone Kolsch
The Kolsch is a hybrid of ales and lagers. Our version uses Lemon Drop Hops and Lemon Zest for a  touch of citrus twist to the Cologne classic. Subtle lemon and mildly hoppy with plenty of flavor.

Out on the Roof Rye
American Rye Ale
During prohibition, being ‘out on the roof’ was another way of saying intoxicated. This rye ale is brewed with cherries and orange peel then aged on Cedar Ridge Bourbon Oak. This strong, boozy, ale mimics the Old Fashioned Cocktail. Its unique blend of flavors is a must have for craft beer enthusiasts.

Biere D’ Champagne
Champagne Beer
A Truly unique creation, our champagne beer is made with barley and California chardonnay grape juice.  We ferment with champagne yeast yielding an effervescent and dry hybrid with hints of fruit and malt. We brew this for the holidays but age it for as long as it lasts.  Periodically past vintages may appear.

Pride of Plymouth ESB
Extra Special Bitter
Despite its name, the ESB is not particularly bitter but rather mild; Malty and rich, giving way to a moderate ‘noble hop’ finish.

Turn Around Brown
American Brown Ale
An American twist on an English classic. Nutty and caramel malt gives way to a bright, but moderate hop profile.

Station 1
Smoked Porter
Named in honor of our city’s firefighters, this rich dark beer has a distinct smoked flavor. Strong and creamy.

Reindeer Fuel
Chocolate Porter
A Christmas favorite, Reindeer Fuel is flavored with the finest chocolate for a rich, creamy, and sweet flavor. Perfect for the holiday season.

At Olde Main Brewing Company we appreciate your feedback. Be sure to check in frequently to see what new beers we are crafting and be sure to tell us your favorites so that we know to make them again in the future.